Monday, December 5, 2011

Love thy self

It's been said before but it can always be said again, you can't fully love another until you fully love yourself. Although the best way to do this is to be comfortable being alone/single, this doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to be single.

Being single is the easiest way to learn about your personal needs without the influence of another. It's a challenge to sit at home on a Saturday night when all your friends are on "date night" with their significants, but alone time is all about discovering yourself. Take up a hobby, find a passion, write a journal, do whatever it is that truly comforts you on a deeper level. Once you are confident in your independence you will able to transfer that confidence into a relationship.

For all of those chronic committers out there, being single may not be something you're willing to do. Although arguable, I believe it is possible to learn to love yourself while in a relationship but you do HAVE to put valuable effort toward independence. Add some separation in your companionship so you can take time to do the things you love to do. While your significant is out with friends or at the gym, don't sit home waiting for their arrival, do something you love and fully enjoy that time to yourself. Instead of date night every Saturday, take a weekend off to visit with friends or just sit home with your favorite book or show. Designate time to love yourself and your relationship will benefit.

Love you some you ;)

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