Thursday, March 15, 2012

10 Ways to Forget About Him

1. Get rid of reminders. Still wearing his favorite T-shirt to bed? Burn it. Still have printed photos in frames? Replace them. Still refer to yourself as his lil pet, sugar dumpling? Stop it.
2. Defriend him. Here's why... if you don't, you will check his page. Spare yourself the agony of seeing that he's whale watching without you. This one little click of your mouse button will not only empower you, it will give him a clear signal that you no longer care about his daily events.
3. Lose his number. You don't need to be tempted when you're having an emotional breakdown with your favorite wine bottle. Have his digits memorized? Then don't delete, (that would be pointless), save his # under a special name... like "Worthless Caller" or "Has a tiny ...."—be creative.
4. Delete all old texts and e-mails. If you have to save something for your inbox, then save an unkind message. Something that reminds you, you don't need his antics in your life. Anything sweet? Delete.
5. Hush up your friends. You don't have to go around patrolling who is still keeping in contact with your ex. Honestly, you brought this person into your friends' lives, it may not be as easy to tear him away initially. So simply tell your friends you don't want to hear it. They won't believe you so be adamant about it. Hearing details about his life will just remind you that he exists when you want to pretend he doesn't.
6. Make yourself scarce. Since you can't tell him where to go, you need to control your own whereabouts. If you know you both frequent the same bar, then start switching up your hot spots. Trust me, you'll have more fun at a second-rate bar with people you like, than if you were at your favorite bar with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
7. Don't take calls from his mother or sister. This is a hard one, but maybe the most necessary on the list. If you are close with his family you need to let go. Make it clear that it's nothing against them but you need to take care of yourself at this time. Distance will prove imperative.
8. DO NOT answer his calls or texts. Ignore, ignore, ignore. Don't even open the text or listen to his message. There is nothing he can say that will put a smile on your face. Even if he wants you back or wants to tell you he misses you, it's probably too late for that anyway. DELETE even if sweet.
9. Block him on gchat/aim/whatever. If you don't know he's available for chat... you won't be tempted to contact him.
10. Get a hobby. Make this crucial time about you. Even if you find something small you love, cooking new recipes, pinterest, blogging, hiking, running, knitting, WHATEVER you find joy in... he will become just a distraction and you will no longer need to try to forget about him. It will just come naturally.

Good luck, you can absolutely do this :)


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