Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 Things Men Hate.

Let me preface by saying... I am not a man. Nor do I claim to know what every man hates. But with a little bit of observation over my years and a few men to freak out on me when one of these things is done... it's pretty easy to say that this list is pretty accurate-o.

1. Men hate sharing their food. If you want something, you order it yourself. Don't interrupt feeding time.
 2. Men hate needy women. They're there to be your partner, not your blanket.

3. Men hate cats. Not to be confused with pussy.

4. Men hate shopping. "Hunny buns, do you wanna go sho.." -NO.

5. Men hate criers. They freak out, they don't know how to handle it. He'll only cry if his team loses so he can't relate to your emo breakdowns over things that actually matter.

Having said this, are we here to keep men happy? You decide. I like to keep my men content, well feed, and slightly drunk. Ya know, to tame the beast.

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