Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why Being a Bridesmaid Is the Worst.

If you've ever been asked to do the honors of being a bridesmaid you know exactly what this post will touch upon. Be a part of your bestie's big day? Wouldn't miss it for the world. Be a key player in the wedding party? Sounds great! Spend your safely guarded savings account? ehhh.... Be available to the bride 24/7 weeks prior to the wedding? ummm...

To be clear, if you've been a bridesmaid before, congratulations. A friend of yours values your friendship sooo much that they would ask you to be one of the few in their wedding party.

But let's be serious... being a bridesmaid WILL cost you.

There are expenses. The bridesmaid dress, the shower, the bachelorette, the shoes, the makeup, the hair, a wedding gift, and an envelope on the wedding day. Stop annnnd breathe.

There are obligations. But can we really call them obligations? Yes, absolutely. Sorry besties...
You have to be present for the bridesmaid dress picking, the bride's dress picking, the favor making, the bridal shower preparations, the shower itself - which you will be busy opening presents, throwing your nicely done hair into a pony tail, whipping sweat off your brow, and frantically writing down names of people you don't know, I digress. You must also come up with activities for the shower, and then for the bachelorette... I can't even get into the week of the actual wedding...

You can't wear it again. You can't. Trust me. No matter what the bride says. The day of the wedding that dress will be pinned, taped, and sewn to your body, just to make it through the day.

And last but not least... you have the dress fitting. Please take the time after deciding on a dress to have some mom-and-pop-shop seamstress take your measurements that will be exaggerated to make you feel bad about yourself. Put the forks down ladies, because you're getting a size 14 dress.

Still think it's an honor to be a b-maid? With all this fuss it's a miracle anyone actually agrees to this madness! But you know what? You'll be getting married some day. And when you look over your shoulder as you stand in the aisle, you will know exactly why this was all worth it. Cheers to all the brides out there, may your day be filled with bridesmaids by your side.

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