Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The reason he doesn't text you back.

Here's the scenario. Boy and Girl are texting back and forth. There's a good vibe going, a couple laughs here and there. Only to abruptly.stop. Girl texts her friend out of frustration...

The following is a real-life conversation between 2 girlfriends stemming from this scenario. Only the names have been changed for identity protection. Enjoy.

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
it just annoys me b/c it's like he kept texting me before and if i ignored him he'd get all hurt and shit...and now he's all mr. cool or something.

Girl 2 to Girl 1:
no he's probably just scratching his nuts

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
he prob is just scratchin
or thinkin...
what will i eat later...should i go for a run? 
Meanwhile we're thinkin...
who will i marry and have kids with?

Girl 2 to Girl 1:
i just want to scratch my titties and think of what my next hair color will be.

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
Although I do wish this boy would like me more.

Girl 2 to Girl 1: you want to know what your next nail color will be!

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
i mean.... gray
my next nail color will be gray
...maybe silver sparkly
Girl 2 to Girl 1:
r u scratching anything?
Girl 1 to Girl 2:
my cheeks

Girl 2 to Girl 1:
butt or face?
cause boys would say butt

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
Girl 2 to Girl 1:
i have tears from laughing
O wait...
i mean.. i have no tear ducts.
bc I'm like a boy.

Girl 1 to Girl 2:
Stupid nut-scratchin boys. Take yo hands off yo genitals and text my ass back!


  1. this is hilarious! thanks for making me laugh today

  2. I have to say... I've had conversations about the same topics with my friends, and I wish they went like that! Usually its me consoling one of my friends over some guy they met on the internet not talking to them anymore. For me, when I guy stops talking to me I usually ask them why, and if they don't respond I move on.