Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to best dress for a first date.

I know some of you will disagree but I like to think of a first date as a business interview. Not in terms of the questions you'll ask and the topics you'll discuss, but how you prepare dress-wise. Be conservative but not boring.

Here are some quick rules.
Things to avoid when picking out your introductory attire: the oversized bags, stilettos, blinding jewelry, hipster phase fashion, furry boots, nails (cute, but not for dating) leave it all for GNO.


Remember the S's
soft, simple, sexy, small, sweet, sincere, social, stable, smart, secretive, seasonal

In order from casual to fanciful.

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It's Fall. Your apple picking. Picture it.

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You might need a cute little cardigan to complement this dainty outfit but you get the idea.
Flirty and sweet to touch his cold little man heart.

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Day date? Too casual for heels and low-dipping tops?
Here is your alternative. Fresh and clean.

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This outfit is adorable. It offers pink and girly but also dark and assertive.
Show that boy who's boss.

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Dinner-date layers.
Maybe switch out the cowboy clunkers for some petite neutral heels.

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Dainty, dainty. I'm a big fan of sleek black on a first date but I do realize how boring that is.
Here's a look that's just as classy.

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Be dressed to impress this man but still be comfortable enough to actually enjoy the date.

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Is your date a fun-loving guy?
Give him girly glam with these purple pumps and a sassy top.

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If you own pink pants this might be the only time to bring them out... to pair with sexy black.
If you don't own pink pants... I don't either. Carry on.

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This one is a little fairy-like frock but I still love it.
Wearing this will say dote on me and I hope you're paying for this expensive dinner because I left my plastic at home.

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There's really no reason to get this dolled up for a first date. But if you happen to have met prince charming who drives a Maserati, then chances are this is the outfit you should strut in.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because some of you think these are acceptable and I'm giving you a sideways look of disapproval as so will your man::
love nails
Source anonymous so as not to humiliate. xo

and so I leave with these kind words:: keep it simple stupid sexy ;)

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