Saturday, September 29, 2012

Penis fingers.

When girls aren't talking about love, men, and babies, they just might be discussing alcohol, parties, and potentially penises. Here is a discussion that ensued over the later.

Girl 1: Ok, question.
Girl 2: yeah..
Girl 1: Would you rather...
Girl 2: Here we go.
Girl 1: No, just listen. Would you rather have no teeth or have penises for fingers?
Girl 2: Can I get dentures or surgery?
Girl 1: No, you can't do either.
Girl 2: Ok, then I guess I'd take the penis fingers.
Girl 1: Ok, pingers. Why?
Girl 2: Well first I'd explain to everyone that I played this stupid game and the penis fingers are a result of it. And then I'd probably make year-round gloves a new trend.
Girl 1: Ok, fair enough. But I just want you to know that you could get boners.
Girl 2: Well I should hope so! Could you imagine typing on a keyboard with limp penis fingers?? Or picking you nose?? Or eating food?? Forget it!
Girl 1: Ya you're probably right, I think I'd take the pingers too now that I think about it.
Girl 2: Oh yeah? Why?
Girl 1: Because then I could fuck myself 10 different ways.
Girl 2: Alright. Pingers it is.

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