Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avoid this while on a date.

Never put your friends on speaker phone while on a date.

I recently went on a date with a boy, let's call him Boy. We did a nice dinner and enjoyed each other's conversation. We decided to head to a nearby bar to extend the evening. On the way to the bar I decided to check my phone; 3 missed calls from one of my girlfriends and another 2 from a second girlfriend.

"I'm sorry Boy, do you mind if I quickly call my friend? I think something could be wrong, they've called quite a few times."

[[Calling friend]]

After a full 5 seconds of hearing nothing on the other end but bar banter I was greeted by my drunk friend. "Wheeeerree arree youuu!?"
"Are you coming out?"
"We're druuuunnkkkk!"

I look over at Boy driving as he clearly can hear the drunk yelling.

Boy: "What are they saying? Put them on speaker, this could be funny..."

I click the speaker button and the yelling continues...
"Jaaaiimee come out! Come out to the bars!! Are you on yourrr datte!!? Is he sooo hot??"
[[Incoherent yelling]]

Me: "I have no idea what they're saying I think I'm going to hang up.."

Boy: "I think they're yelling loser"

"If you don't come out you're a looooossseeeerrr! La-huuusssss-eerrrrr. Looosseerrr!"

I suck in my lips and shake my head. Boy, meet my friends.


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  1. Sad thing is I think everybody has at least a friend like this. But hey, it be like that.