Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grabbing the tiger by the tail.

A tiger is a beautiful creature, much like a good-looking guy or girl. Their body fascinates you and their eyes catch hold of yours. They typically taunt you by walking by seductively only keeping you in their side glance.

You want to go for it even though you shouldn't. You ask your friends, but they're out in the bar sippin' on jungle juice, so you go against your better instinct and you pursue.

Once you have this creature in your grasp you're bewildered by excitement. You think you can tame this beautiful beast. Don't be fooled, nature will take its course and this beast will attack. Maybe not immediately, but maybe just as your confidence is up and your trust is bestowed upon your relationship.

Get ready, when this beast gets the look of hunger in its eyes and you know they're about to break your trust, you will be in a situation you will not know how to cope with. You know you have to let go but you had better not or the pain you fear will be much worse.

If that tiger doesn't eat you alive, your fear will.


Never take hold of a dangerous thing, a guy, a girl; no matter what beauty they have, trust your instincts. You instincts will never decieve you nor harm you.

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