Sunday, March 11, 2012

Being single doesn't make me promiscuous

I went home for the weekend to see my precious parents and if getting asked when they can expect grandkids isn't enough, my mother had another little comment for me.

Now, I 've been single for a little over a year now and being in my mid-20s my social life is in full swing but let me emphasize when I say... I don't sleep around. And if I did I probably wouldn't admit it in a blog but this is a surprisingly honest statement. To delve into it, when it comes to sex I would rather not give the milk for free. I have too much skeptism and anger towards men to give them exactly what they want. As we all know, there's other ways to get our "kicks," ladies. (wink face)

I digress.

So sitting in the living room telling my mom about a very attractive boy I met at school that week and before I can finish my explanation of his pretty brown eyes, she hits me with "ya know, Jaim, I really don't want you sleeping around."

I mean you can't even answer that! My eyebrows just went up and and replied "but ma, I'm trying to get you those grandkids you want so badly?" That'll shut her up ;)

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