Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Your family loves him... your family loves him not...

If you're close with your family and value their opinion you'll see where this topic gets tricky. If your family hates or disapproves of someone you love, do you follow your family? Or do you follow your heart?

For anyone who has recently gotten back with their ex, this post is pointing right at you. Your family wants to protect you. If they see that an ex hurt you before and now he or she is back in the picture, they're not going to welcome him home with open arms.

We've always been taught to listen to our parents and respect what they say. If your parents don't approve of something or someone, then they must have good reason, and then why should you? There. Issue presented and solved. Dump your mate.

If your parents opinion is superior to all, then yes, I mean it, dump that loser.

UNLESS you understand that the path you've chosen in life differs from the one your parents had or one that your siblings have. Times are different than when your parents married, expectations are different, independence is more sought after, and girls and guys both want to work... You have to take significant generation gaps and personal choices into consideration. Also, regardless of how close you are, you don't have to tell your parents everything. If you tell them about a fight you had, you need to expect that they're going to be uber sensitive to the details and who is to blame because they're your family.

You must take their advice with a grain of your own opinion.  Try to understand why your family feels the way they do. Don't try to rationalize it, just understand that they're looking at your realtionship from a close, yet outside perspective. You and your mate are the only two who really know what goes on and as long as you're honest with yourself about the way he or she treats you, then your opinion in the end is all that matters.

You don't need anyones approval to love who you love. Carry on.

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