Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love in a hopeless place.

Ahhh Vegas. The land of blurred memory and never an empty drink. Even when you're posting on facebook from there it says  "Paradise, NV." Going on any trip with your favorite fun girlfriends is worth the money. This is an understatement for my trip to Vegas this past weekend.

4 days of nonstop partying in fancy dresses and impractical stilettos. It was so much fun that I don't think I'll ever go back because the vacation didn't lack a single thing. Exceeepppt for a fancy vacation fling, which is always in the back of a girl's mind when she's traveling.

Sh*t single girls say on vacation:
- "A few girls I know met their husbands on vacation"
- "Is this dress cute? I might meet my husband tonight"
- "He's hot. I might even give him my real name!"
- "Omg, I neeeed to makeout with him"

Well, none of this happened on our trip and that's OK because it didn't even matter and I love that.

Get home at 1130pm Monday night, roll out of bed this morning, throw hair in a ponytail, don't apply makeup, get to work 15mins late, see the elevator open and someone waiting, run to the elevator, get in, BOOM man of my dreams. Works on the 8th floor.

Life is funny.

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