Monday, April 29, 2013

Why it's OK to be a Cat Lady.

There's something I'd like to put to rest.
As me and my girlfriends are approaching the golden age (30), I've been hearing a lot of them complain about the pressure of finding a man and getting engaged. Their biggest fears include; their parents crying about the lack of grandchildren, having no one to go out to the bar with anymore, having to join or Christian Mingle, and then their biggest fear: becoming a "cat lady".

Now having had a cat in my single days I personally don't think they have anything to worry about. Here's why there are worse things in life than becoming engaged to feline fun... and why it's OK to be a cat lady.

You never have to be alone ever again.

There's a cat for your every mood. Feeling sad? Good.

You don't have to walk your little feline friend.

Your friends may not understand you, but your pussy partner always will:)

Nothing says single quite like a cat. Now the men will know you're available!

Just make sure the cat approves...

Spending too much time on pinterest or facebook? Your cat will put an end to that.

Let's face it, men come and go, but cats have 9 lives. They'll love your single ass for the long haul.

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