Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Myth Called Love

For those of you that have experienced true love—unblinded, unconditional, waves crashing on the beach love—you don't consider love a myth. For those of us who hear about it but never experience it, love is similar to bigfoot that romes in the forest. Although we search for it in places we think it lives, we can't find the true existence. We see evidence, it's footprints, it's markings, but we never actually find that damn bigfoot.

Let me clarify. I believe in love like I believe in God. It's something not tangible, something I know is there but I've never shaken its hand or looked in in the eye. This blog is for people who believe in love so deeply and want to believe so badly in its exsistence that they keep missing its presence. When you search for something it never seems to appear, it's when we're not conscious of the thing we're looking for when we find it. This is loves hardest lesson and it's something so far out of our control that sometimes we work too hard to get a grasp of it.

For all of you, like me, who have not found proof of love yet but are waiting. Sit down, relax, it will find it's way to you just as myths can sometimes prove themselves true when we least expect it.

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