Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Are men really just intimidated?

Men, if you're out there reading blogs on love, help us out. (There may be 2 of you)

Has chivalry been dead for so long that now the game of courting is reversed? Why is it that men don't approach women anymore? And the ones that do aren't worth the encounter?

Too often beautiful girls are going out to either enjoy a good time or meet their match. Guys aren't interested anymore. The excuse we hear from our friends, similar to a line from "He's Just Not That Into You", is that oh, they're just intimidated. So if that's the truth... (which is weak)... then what does a girl gotta do to prove she's interested enough to be approached?

2011. Welcome to the time when women now have to approach men. Is this everywhere or just outside of Manhattan where wealthy men feel entitled to being the pursued?

So my question is this. Is it intimidation? Is it laziness? Have the tables turned under our pretty little noses so now the women must be the pursuers? Or is it really just that he's not interested?

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