Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why is a "go-getter girl" desperate?

There's no winning it seems. Since the male species is reluctant to approach, it seems only natural that a girl with a mission would take the reins into her own hands.

If a girl considers herself a go-getter and goes after what she wants in life, why should going after a man be any different? Oh but it is different. Here lies another classic example of gender's double-standards. If a man approaches a woman, he likes her. If a woman approaches a man, she's desperate. The "rules of dating" say it all::
- Don't call him. If he likes you he'll call within 3 days. If he doesn't, well forget him
- Don't facebook him first. No reason, just don't
- Don't look like you're on the prowl at the bar. If you see someone you like, let him come to you

And so the waiting game ensues. As women we need to wait for love to find us. In theory I hate this rule, but the truth is, with all our analytical thinking, we're comforted when the guy eventually comes to us. We don't have to guess if he's interested because one thing always proves true:: if he likes you, he'll come to you. (Unless he comes to you for sex, then accept your placement as a booty call, or RUN!)

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