Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If he pours beer over your head, you probably shouldn't sleep with him

Speaking of desperation...

Here's a reality check I hope none of you ever have to have but know most of you will. I call it the "beer poured on head flag" (way worse than a red flag). If a guy is an a<3<3hole and treats you pourly (pun intended), don't give him what he wants. REGARDLESS if you want it too. Girls, you may think you're using him as much as he's using you but the truth is women can't help but feel emotional attachment to someone they sleep with... unfortunately it's how we're wired. The man on the other hand has an easier time equating sex... to well, sex.

Here's where the beer comes in. If a guy treats you horribly and disrespects you on a level where he might as well have poured beer over your head in public, don't even consider sleeping with him. This sounds obvious, silly even, but it's worth repeating for the simple fact:: we're all guilty.

Either we continue to tickle his fancy because we minimize his shameful behavior, or we convince ourselves that we're using these boys too so what's the harm? Listen up:: big harm, he-uge harm, punch you in the gut-, break your heart-harmful!

Sleeping with a guy after he's harmed you is the one way to tell him that what he did was ok when it's not. Don't ever let someone feel they have the right to disrespect you. They need to be punished for their behavior and that can be done successfully with a simple "no" or "get lost" (even an occasional f<3ck you)

Stand strong. There's a Mr. Right Now out there who can give you what you need without the side of beer.

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