Thursday, October 27, 2011

"When you know, you know"

I've heard so much advice on finding love that it's hard to tell what to listen to. It started out with just curiosity, what do my friends think? And then it turned to seeking advice which led to answers like::

- "When you meet him, you'll just know"
- "It's all about love at first sight"
- "You've known him forever and you get along great, it's obvious you should be together"
- 'You've been dating for 6 mos if you don't know by now, you won't"
- "If there were no sparks in your kiss then forget it"
- "Was your first time with him bad? Get rid of him"

So which is it?? When I meet him do I know right away? Is it like seeing an elephant with love written on its side?? Or is it my best guy friend from preschool who still knows me better than I know myself??

Time to stop taking other peoples' love stories to heart, literally. Everyone meets their someone in a different way and that makes for an incredible personal story that is nothing but original. Maybe you will know right away when you meet the love of of your life, or maybe it will take 10 dates of figuring out who that person really is to call them the one. Who's to say? No one, but people say it anyway.
MAYBE these pieces of advice fit for certain situations, but chances are the only person who really knows is you. These are fairytale quotes that may actually push you to make a not to fairytale decision and end up with the wrong person. When it comes to who you love, you will know when you know, but that's when you're ready to decide. Take your time, looks for the signs, get to know your match, never follow someone else's rules and never, never settle.

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