Monday, November 14, 2011

Why it's better to be single in the city.

There's a certain pressure that resides in the suburbs called the "hurry up and get married" pressure. When you think of the suburbs you think of families—wife, husband, children, dogs potentially, the whole thing. It typically doesn't matter if the parents are divorced because at one point they were married which is apparently the goal.

Flash to the city. Yes families with kids, but most often the general vision is of 20-somethings striving for fast-moving careers not searching for a soul mate but the newest trendy night spot.

So for those of us that think it's either an independent career-oriented life or a married life, single in the city or settled down in the suburbs... you're conception is validated. That being said don't forget that people are getting married later than ever, and probably for the right reasons. The 20-somethings in the suburbs are taking note of the independent lifestyle and the ever-heightening divorce statistics. No matter where you live, one things certain, do you first. Get settled in your own way with a job you love and a life you love. When life is in line then, if you choose to get married, and if you wait until you're 27-30, you have a higher chance of staying married.

Don't let pressures of what you're surrounded by influence what you want. You want babies at 22, go for it, you want to wait until your 34 because you've got to try all the different flavors of martinis first... go for it. Do you, then do marriage.

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