Friday, November 11, 2011

Batting out of order.

AKA a siblings' rivalry.

So the younger sibling gets married off first. Not a huge slap in the face if you're only a year apart but what if you're 4 or more years apart?? Stings a little doesn't it?

At first thought it seems unimaginable. The older sibling gets married first and has the babies and the second sibling goes second through the process and so on and so forth. How dare that little sibling mess up the order!

The engagement is probably the worst blow to the oldest. You want to cry out of jealousy, frustration and possibly embarrassment but out of love for your sibling you cry out of "happiness" and "excitement". (Similar to the scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wigg is completely overwhelmed by her friend's engagement).

First thing's first... yelling it from a megamouth... IT'S OK TO BE JEALOUS OR SAD. It's natural. It's natural because what's unnatural to you is that the little one went first. But the most important thing is to be raw with your emotions and let them out. Do not hold them back from yourself because the worst that could happen is to have resentment throughout the entire process of what should be the happiest time in your sibling's life.

I wouldn't necessary go to your sibling with these raw emotions but find someone you can talk to, like your parents, or friends. Once someone knows how you really feel it will be easier to go through the steps with your sibling knowing that you have a support system in case things get emotional for you.

Your time will come. Marriage order is something we grew up believing but that doesn't mean it's norm. Occasions in life happen when they are supposed to. So if the little sister or brother comes home with "exciting" news, cry your tears of frustration to yourself so you can cry in happiness with them later.

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