Friday, November 11, 2011

How picky is too picky?

Everyone has standards, and if you don't, well get some. As we're all aware standards are necessary to weed out the bruts from the men. The chicks from the women. But is there such thing as too many standards?

Some would argue no, lowering any of your standards would mean you're apt to settling, and if you settle, then why bother with standards in the first place? I get it, in fact I used to think this way, but then I learned it's not about lowering your standards or expectations, it's about adapting them to realistic examples. Take your first idea of true love. He was probably a disney prince or she was probably a disney princess, perfect height, weight, voice, temperament... doesn't exist. Lose those ungrounded expectations of what you're looking for and adapt your expectations to a more realistic point of view.

Your perfect match is out there and maybe they have a rather large freckle on their check or a bigger nose than you imagined, or a limp in their gait, should that really deter you from giving that someone a chance? Before matching your prospect against a checklist, instead look at what they bring to the table that you never even knew you wanted. Maybe the items that person can add to your checklist of expectations will outweigh the unchecked boxes of previous desires.

It's all about perspective, not expectation.

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