Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When nice isn't enough

Every girl wants to be treated like a princess. How easy would everything be if your significant always saw the good in you and never made you feel down on yourself? If only life were so easy.

Contrary to what critics may think, nice guys do exist and no, not all men are jerks. But is that really what us girls are searching for? The "nice guy"?

If you're like me, you tend to fall for the bad boys, the ones that give you enough attention, but just enough so you're constantly craving more. I know it all too well. The "game" The challenge of affection, and when you win their affection you feel like you've accomplished something. The game shouldn't be necessary though. In an ideal world we'd be treated respectfully from the get-go and not have to beg for it in shameful ways. And this is where Mr. Nice comes in the picture...

He takes you out, he opens the door for you, he pays for your meal, and you can tell he's hooked by just looking into his eyes. But are you hooked? From that first date forward you want to give him more chances because "he's such a sweet guy" but the more you chance it the harder he falls. So now that he's at your feet where do you stand? If you always go for the challenge or the jerk, then this guy won't change you. He may have everything you think you need but it's all in theory. Let the poor man go before he's head over heels. Let him know right off the bat that nice isn't enough for you and you're sorry but settling for a sweetheart is still... settling.

Find a balance. There is a guy out there that can give you both sour and sweet so you are relaxed but still on your toes. You need a counterpart that will give you an equal amount of love. That's the balance, that's the trick.

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