Monday, January 16, 2012

Online dating/online shopping.. same thing.

I've tried the sites out, I've played the online field.

If you're going to seek love on the Internet use eHarmony. Anything less than a membership full of vigorous questions and trait tests is simply online shopping. I won't name the other networks I've tried because I don't want to demote anyone, but there is no other Web site that truly finds matches for you. eH doesn't LET you browse through pictures or potential mates. It picks matches based on your answers to questions and only hand delivers you the ones that could work out. Then you can rate hot or not from the select few.

Other sites give no structure. Step 1. Enter credit card; Step 2. Search for the merchandise you want, based on product photo; Step 3. Ask product questions, would this look good on me?; Step 4. Schedule pick up; Step 5. Love the purchase or hate the purchase.

Did I just explain online dating or online shopping??

If you choose another site, go for it! Just make sure you're not basing your decisions on photos alone, unless you're looking for an escort to an ex'es wedding... then, don't settle for less than a 10 ;)


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