Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting back together.

Sometimes we break up to make up.

Can 2 people who have broken up get back together and truly make it work? I hear ecstatic "yeses" and defiant "nos". It's a hard question and it's absolutely circumstantial. There really is no right or wrong answer to the question, just real-life experiences that can prove it can happen or prove once it's broken, throw it away.

Regardless of the relationship it's safe to say it a break up occurred because it wasn't as strong as it could have been. If you truly love someone everything else becomes a detail. Reasons such as long-distance, too busy, a job/location change, over-bearing parents, all these are excuses. Two people who are truly in love don't acknowledge these obstacles as relationship breakers, they simply see them as obstacles to overcome together. I will bet that these reasons weren't the reasons for separating in the first place, just scapegoats to frost over the real reason.

If you're thinking about rekindling the love after a break keep the real reason you broke up fresh in your mind. Change is hard to provoke and even harder to sustain so be weary of the horrible boyfriend who has suddenly transformed into "mr. right". If you broke up because of tough situation, ask yourself what happens further down the line when sometime trying happens again. Life isn't smooth so you need to have someone with you that can ride the rough waters with you.

With this in mind, a second chance isn't necessarily a sign of vulnerability. Just remember how it used to be, the good and the bad before jumping right back in the waters with an ex.


  1. I agree somewhat.
    I always believe you can love someone just as much as you hate them.

    Just because your not together anymore, does not mean it was a weak foundation; Because most of the time long lasting relationships are based on comfortability, meaning you like the person, but your not in love with that person.

    I always believe people who are truly in love, tend to never end up with one another, just for the sake of comfortability.
    Overall, just because the relationship did not last, does not me he or she is not "the one"

    I agree, that your partner should be able to go through the tough times & the good, who will always stand by you, loyalty is a must.

    Love the post! And I love your blog.
    Nailah D'arcy

  2. That's an amazing point about being comfortable! It really is true that sometimes we end up with people who may just be the smartest most comforatable choice... I know a few couples..
    thanks so much for your comment, it makes my day.
    xx Jaime