Friday, March 9, 2012

I'll let you be batman, I'm good with being robin.

Ever been sitting at work for 2 hours and suddenly realize you haven't done any work yet? Yeah. This is my morning and the only saving grace I have is a warm red bull in my bag that my 4'11 friend stole from a table at the bar last night. Love that little monkey girl.

So about to sip some bull and put my headphones on and realize I have a text. Now let me preface by saying although I've claimed impossible, my best guy friend is my ex boyfriend. We dated for 8 years starting when we were 15 and when we broke up we had just grown into 2 different people. Still, I love him and he will be at my wedding... just not as the groom.

The text is from him... it says: "I'll let you be batman, I'm good with being robin."

He's my super hero of the day :)

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  1. This is so cute! How lucky you are to have a special guy friend in your life!!!