Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring cleaning

If you're in the beautiful Northeast you know that with today being 65F and sunny, it's a perfect day to enlighten you with some spring cleaning tips.

Not your closet, (although necessary!), but spring clean-out your life!

Some of my friends have told me that they'd rather keep the old men in their life because finding a new man takes up too much time and dating... ugh!—too much effort. But along the lines of cleaning out all that's wrong with your closet, doesn't it make sense to clean out all that's wrong in your life? And doesn't it take wayyy more time to try and teach an old boy new tricks than to just get a new boy who already knows the tricks?

The answer is yes. Not only does it take more time to try and change your old boy into what you want, but most of the time you won't succeed, that boy is set in his boyish ways.

In light of the weather, it's time to rid yourself of stress and dusty boys. You don't need him(them) cluttering your life with anger and frustration. Although it doesn't seem like there's much to choose from in the boy world these days, wait til Spring. With the warm weather brings not only cute new outfits but the cute arm accessories (boys) that have been hiding all Winter. Embrace the heat, mamas ;)

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