Sunday, April 22, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

I tried to fight the urge to read it... from everything I've heard it's a love story/pornographic novel that you literally can't break away from. Had my friend not sent me the manuscript I would have never bought the book, simple because I have paper due for school and I need my productivity levels to increase not decrease.

But I was bored for a mere 20 minutes and decided to start the read. This was Friday afternoon. It's now Sunday at 1pm and I have finished all 380 pages.

I will give nothing away to those who have not read but I will give an insightful yet nontransparent review. This book is sinful. It very much reminds me of Twilight in the way the 2 characters can't separate from each other. They have a hunger for each other in the way a vampire does for blood, only these 2 characters are mortal and the hunger is for something much more erotic. But I personally feel too old for a story like Twilight, however, Grey was the perfect story for a 26-yr old single girl like myself.

I urge you to read the book... but in the comfort of your own home away from anyone who can sense you blush. The author, EL James, breaks serious boundaries taking the reader into sexual encounters unlike any book has taken a reader before. However, she does it with class and with sophistication. It's not a trashy pornographic novel, it's more of a love story that will give you the emotions of the sexual encounters rather than the empty sexual actions sometimes book can give.

Any recent readers of the book? Don't give away too much to potential readers but urge them to have an open mind and not be judgemental. The truth is you'll feel guilty for reading and enjoying it, but you must remember, you're not alone, this is a national best seller.

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