Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where to meet a summer fling

Whether you're looking for love or looking for a distraction, the bar isn't the place to get your action. (sorry, had to)...

If you've ever questioned singles who are involved in online dating you'll find that most all of them will give you the same reason for turning to web surfing for love. It typically surrounds the general statement "I'm over the bar scene."
If you find the bar isn't the place to meet singles try these not-so-obvious places this summer:
Happy Hour.
A branch-off of the bar scene but nevertheless a very different crowd. The difference? Between the hours of 6-8 the outdoor bars will flood with single professionals looking for downtime after a hard day at the office. These men and women aren't out for cheap pick-up lines and shots but for some good conversation and a relaxing beverage to ease their stress. Engage in casual conversation with a happy hour attendee and potentially land an evening alone with him or her later in the week.
The Beach.
Sun, sand, and barely-clothed singles? Obviously. The trick here is to actively engage strangers in conversation at the beach, not just lure them in with a thong bottom. (please don't ever wear that)
Start a game of volleyball or throw around a little pigskin. Others will want to join in and before you know it, digits are in hand.
The Park.
Time to borrow a friend's dog and go for a walk. With the nice weather singles are dying to get outside and enjoy the days in the sun. Venture to a town park or track and open up a book or pair up with the ultimate wing-man, a puppy. Spend enough time here and I gaurantee you'll meet some few fresh faces.
The Coffee Shop.
All you need is a kindle and a latte. Sit yourself at an outside table at a coffee shop and get engrossed in a book. But not too engrossed... Take caluculated breaks from your read to look up and people watch. Smile at passer-byers and look approachable. Even if no one strikes up a conversation with you, being in a pleasant social environment will impact your mood dramatically.
Happy fling-ing.


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