Friday, September 21, 2012

Grindr app for females.

If you've never heard of the app Grindr... ladies, I'm not surprised. Having the most amazing gay friends, I've been 'lucky' enough to be filled in on the somewhat new phenomenon. To put it gently and simply, it's a GPS to lead you to the nearest sexual experience. Geared toward gay, bi-sexual, and curious men, signing into Grindr allows you to scroll through men's pictures and see what they're into and how close you are to getting it from them.

My friend gave me a quick preview one night at happy hour. He logged onto the app and looked to see which male was the closest in proximity. 24 ft away! We instantly started scanning the bar for a person who resembled the profile and found him sitting not so distant.

Watching this led me to think; will this ever be an excepted method for sexual encounters for females? Will girls feel safe and comfortable approaching strangers nearby for understood 'just sex'? I wonder how drunk I would have to be to even download the app, let alone reach out to someone for one-night of random play. And if this will never be an acceptable method to meet people for females, why is it accepted for men? Is there less of a threat to the male species to causually hook up with strangers? Also... what would the name of the app be for women?
Walk of shame?
It's just sex?
Random encounters?
Don't text me after?

I want in on this development meeting.


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  2. LOL! Here's a question. How do they get the guy's details?

  3. I guess everyone has a profile you can set up, similar to online dating. The app organizes the profiles/pics based on proximity to where you are. I mean... so I'm told. ;)