Thursday, September 20, 2012

The art of stalking.

I don't care what the arguments are, stalking is necessary. Why? Well for one, we're currently in a time when you can set up dates through the Internet, without every meeting the person first! Also, wouldn't you want to know all about the person before you commit to a relationship? The Internet doesn't lie! (Well, sometimes, but typically less than a man who wants to get into your pants)

My reasons for this post? In less than 6 months I've been dealt 2 crazy incidences.

Real-life scandal #1: I found out that a boy I had been seeing had a girlfriend. How? All I needed was his first name and company.
Linkedin > gives me college info > facebook, search network and first name, maybe company > facebook gives you their last name and profile picture and mutual friends > ask mutual friends > find out in a relationship > call girlfriend tell them you unknowingly hooked up with her man.
This happened.

Real-life scandal #2: meet great guy on dating site. get first name and company > linkedin > get last name > no facebook > find company website > find about us page and look at photo > same name yet very different looking > save the dating picture and upload to google > find out it's a stock photo of Luke Wilson > tell boy he's a moron.
This also happened.

Girls, use your resources.

LinkedIn:: all you need is their first name and living area or company
Facebook:: search for their name and town OR enter in their phone number
Google:: find criminal records and any news about them
Twitter:: if they have one by name this is useful for their personality
Upload their picture to google or another site and make sure not a stock image
If you have mutual friends, ask questions!

It's better to be a stalker than to be sorry. I always say...


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  2. OMG! Definitely, stalking is necessary. I had a guy in the office who showed his interest in me but then he does not even cover his tracks. I checked his FourSquare account and images he may have uploaded. Turns out, he has a fiancee. His twitter account profile pic is with the same girl kissing his cheek.

    Thanks for coming by my weblog Jamie! Keep in touch! =D