Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bites are bad. Kisses are good.

If there is one thing I say to my puppy more than anything it's "NO". But I also find myself telling her that bites are bad and kisses are good, as if she'll suddenly comprehend what I'm saying.

This little daily advice I give her inspired me to think... what if I told my man this? Can I then flick him on the nose too for bad behavior?

What other instructions that I give my dog could I also give my boyfriend?

- "Off!!"
- "Don't hump me"
- "Let go"
- "Give me kissesssss..."
- "This isn't for you!"
- "No!"
- "Your food is in the kitchen, this is mine"
- "Come!"
- "Stay!"
- "Don't you growl at me"
- "Go get it"
- "She doesn't want to play with you, come over here"
- "Be niiicceee..."
- "Hold still"
- "Outside!"
- "Lay down"

Remember, training is most effective the first 6-8 months of the relationship, so start early ;)

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