Monday, April 22, 2013

Original Engagement Photos to Love.

So I've been looking at engagement pictures. So I'm not even engaged. Let's just say it's artistic interest. Now some photos are just plain cheesy, string of lights, physically tying a knot, pinning each other against a wall, holding each other in ways you've never held each other before,
so-not-original, I-promised-my-family-engagement-photos, unrealistic shots.
But these ones, these engagement shots are funny and adorable; probably the preface to an amazing marriage filled with humor and realistic expectations.
Hunny can you come help me? I'm busy and I think the sink is broken...

For all the brave men who serve, there is a woman at home waiting for you; mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, or fiancé. Go to her<3

Have a sneak preview.

Board Game Prop For Engagement Session
Sorry, you lose babe. But you win me!
union station
There's something so romantic and classy about this shoot. Le sigh...
We were in it to win it and the water was freezing!
For those with a less than serious 'tude, include a blooper.
This is hysterical and brilliant.
This is our 'missed connection' theme that we also had a few shots of
Close encounters. What could be and what is. 
Artsy. Different. Your wedding is probably diamonds and rosé and I want in.

Get ready for the ride of your life dear husband.
Be a reflection of what I give to you. Aww...

 Probably the most realistic image of what engagement is like, bravo couple.
No surprises for this fella.

This one is by far my favorite. It's just simplistic and romantic.

....jusssst kidding;)

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  1. So cute! I am engaged and starting to think about booking some engagement photos -- I love the close encounters photo.

    Thanks for this! Gives me some poses to think about.