Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is Sexting Smart?

So you've met someone you're lusting after, you've exchanged phone numbers...


You're exchanging texts.
You're having sex.
You're thinking of his or her moves as you're pretending to be productive at work.

The text messaging starts:
"I'm thinking about you"
"Me too"
"I want you"
"Prove it"
Gather selfie you took the other day while prepping for your shower. Load it on your phone. Contemplate hitting send button.


Sexting dirty text messages is one thing, but sending pictures of yourself is a whole 'nother playing field (and you don't want to play on that field, it's filthy).

I don't care if it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, to me, sending a naked pic is just as stupid as getting a tattoo with his or her name on you. It permanently exists. You never know who will see it. Whether your beloved significant's phone gets hacked into or he/she hears a rumor you're cheating and sends the picture on blast in spite. 

"No, that would never happen, my baby would never send out my picture..."

Ok, so here's the other rationale. Leave room for the imagination. Anyone can get sexy pictures on their phone, but having sex with you is something not just anyone can have. Save it for someone you trust, and when you do find that person, show them they've earned it by giving them the real thing. 

So no, sexting... not smart. End post.

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