Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When the Other Woman is Sports.

Sport(s) (spôrt, sprt) n 1. An activity created by man to keep mans' focus off of woman to balance out sex drive and keep the control in the hands of the man. 2. Any activity known as basketball, baseball, rugby, football, soccer, softball, or wrestling; scheduled for 398 days of the year and "big games" are only played during dates, family outings, and when a good girly show is on.

Girls, what do you do when you're the priority ONLY when a sports game isn't on? Do you come to terms with it, because you can't come between boys and their sports? Do you attend all your man's games and watch all his favorite leagues so you can be deemed "a good girlfriend"?

What other options do we have?

And why is it that a woman doesn't have anything remotely similar in her life close to sports? Do men just all share a like passion for something that girls haven't found yet? Can we flip this game and make the man jealous of our time spent with shopping, or girl's nights, or mani/pedis? Probably not.

Ok men, your goal, you win this one. But don't you forget boys, we control the sex. Men:1 Women:10. 

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